Fall 2014 TV Lineup

Fall is coming. Not that you could tell from this hot and humid Tennessee weather. But I know it’s on its way because I bought mums to put outside my front door. I’ve changed my toenail polish from “coral silk” to “lingering spices.” There are sundresses that I probably won’t wear again until the spring. They’re airing football games now where the score actually matters. I also keep wanting to make soup and chili- that is until I remember it’s eighty-five degrees outside.

The arrival of fall brings changing leaves, cooler temperatures, sweaters, lazy Saturdays, and everything pumpkin. It also ushers in the new season of TV shows. After a summer of Netflixing and watching reruns, I am more than ready for new episodes of Scandal, which always has me glued to the screen, and Parenthood, which always makes me cry. They air in fourteen days. Not that I’m counting. . . And while I look forward to my favorites returning, I’m always intrigued by what’s new.

Late August is when a lot of people start drafting their Fantasy Football teams. I like football but I don’t follow it with much fervor. I if I did attempt to draft a team, I would basically just pick whatever players I thought were cute. Honestly, this is how I decide who to cheer for in any game when my team is neither playing nor affected by the outcome (much to the dismay of my brother, Zack). I may not be good guessing who will rack up fantasy points in a game, but I am pretty good at guessing whether a TV show will make it or not. So when people were drafting their teams, I was doing something a little different. I was organizing my fall TV bets

Two years ago, my dad and I decided to take bets on whether or not we thought a show would get picked up for a second season or not. Last year I posted how we do this here. The basic gist is we watch the trailers for the new shows and try to decide if we think the show will get a second season. Then, we watch the pilot and get a second chance to make our bet. Sometimes the trailer is a great reflection of the show and other times you need the second take. We try to base our decision solely on gut reaction and not what critics are saying. Finally, we wait and see what makes it and what doesn’t. Some shows are quickly canned after only a few episodes and others we have to wait until sweeps to find out how they fair. Whether we guessed the shows correctly or they cancel the one show we really liked (Studio 60 we still haven’t gotten over your premature execution), we have a lot of fun doing it.

Last year I predicted the outcomes after watching the pilots with 84% accuracy and won.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.58.06 AM

I highly doubt I’ll better this score, but I’m up for the challenge. Although, having watched the trailers for the new shows, I think this year will be hard to call.

So, if you’d like to place your own bets here’s how we do it:

Watch the extended tailors of the new broadcast network TV shows. I’ve compiled a them all on this playlist for your viewing pleasure:

Place your bets. You can use this pdf if you want: Fall 2014 TV Bets.

We usually like to know what airs against what because while there’s a lot more options now and you don’t have to watch a show when it airs, knowing its time-slot can be very helpful. TV Guide is my go to place for the Day-By-Day Schedule.  You can also find out when your favorites from last year air using their Premiere Calendar.

I definitely do not have millions of dollars to give away like they do for the winner of Fantasy Football, but if you’d like to play along, feel free to send me your picks. You can at least win bragging rights.

One of My Favorite Fall Meals

Last weekend autumn started blowing into my little corner of the world. The humidity is tapering off. Driving with the windows down is once again a feasible non-sweaty option. And I found these leaves starting to change:

I’m kinda excited about fall, in case you couldn’t tell. Last week I was house/cat-sitting for this cat named Ellie:


In this photo she has stolen my class notes and when I tried to retrieve them, she hissed at me. I let her keep them as long as she wanted because sometimes when she hisses, she is saying that she will definitely bite me. She’s a bit temperamental but she eventually curled up on my lap so we’re still pals. Besides, subliminally I was begging her for a study break.

I invited my friend Naomi over for dinner, one night while invading Ellie’s territory. With the evenings being cooler, I decided to make her one of my favorite fall meals: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili, Cheddar Corn Muffins, and The Best Fudgy Brownies. We happily chatted while we ate and then I introduced her to Call the Midwife, a seriously great show on BBC. Oh, BBC, how do you manage to make such fantastic television?

So, since I can’t make you all dinner (even though I’d love to), I thought I’d share the recipes and then you could make it yourself sometime. Continue reading

What I’m Listening to on Repeat

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked my music to fit my mood/activity. When I run, I want something with a good beat. If I’m getting dressed to the nine’s, I gravitate towards Big Band tunes. My music tastes change along with the seasons. Spring and early summer is for country music (Hello, I live in the heart of country music). Summer is a blend of pop and whatever I can listen to with the windows rolled down (when the humidity isn’t suffocating). Winter is a bit more up for grabs based on the weather and degree dreariness- usually something along the lines of Counting Crows or Andrew McMahon. As the dog days of summer fade into fall, I’m gravitate towards singer/songwriters and folkish tunes. Here’s the music that’s currently finding its way onto my playlists:

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